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No Kidding! South Jersey/Philadelphia Chapter
Host info

Event Planning Resource & Hosting Information

I have an idea for an event. How can I get No Kidding to host the event?
Hosting is first come first served so e-mail with your ideas. Please check the calendar first for available dates.  
How often are NK events held?

We typically have 2 weekend events each month (3 on a rare occasion where there is no conflict), as well as one women's dinner mid month. Please check the calendar for available months and contact to request a date. Dates will be spaced out and monitored to be sure we have a variety of events that do not conflict, so that we can ensure a good turnout to all events.

It is recommended that you give 4 weeks notice before the event so that members can plan their availability in advance. Requests will be taken first come first served.

Why doesn't NK host more events near me?

Our members plan NK events; they live, play and socialize throughout the region. The best way to be sure there are events near you is to offer to host an event at a location near you! Events are generally planned in locations most central to the current members at this point.

How do I plan an event?

The host takes complete responsibility for the planning and implementation of an event. You can get ideas and help by contacting Below are the kinds of things you may want to consider when planning an event for NK members.

  • When would it be best to offer the event you have in mind? Some events are weather dependent; others are only offered at a certain time of year. Check the NK events calendar for your chosen day. While there is no problem having concurrent events, it may limit your attendance.
  • How large a group can the facility accommodate? If you host an event feel free to limit attendance but we prefer not to do this.
  • Can the facility be flexible with expected attendance? Some people wait until the last minute to sign up for an event; others will sign up and not attend. Ask the location when they need a final count by.
  • What are the costs associated with hosting the event? No Kidding has no membership dues so there are no funds to use for an up-front deposit. Please do NOT sign anything obligating the No Kidding! group to a financial outlay.
  • I have found Paypal to be the best way to collect payment for events that require advance payment.  Don't forget to add the cost of the Paypal service fee (both on the guest end and/or on the host end).
  •  Also, please be sure to charge enough to cover the cost of the event. It is not the hosts responsibility to personally cover any of the cost of an event.
  • It is highly recommended that you collect money in advance for an event where you will need to outlay money for so that you are covered if someone should cancel last minute. No Kidding! will not be responsible if you do not collect money in full before making any personal outlay of money.
  • It’s a good idea to have an opportunity for people to interact (often a meal) before a performance or activity. If it’s a large group (8 or more), it can take us quite a while to do almost anything. Ask the facility how long they recommend for group dining. Many facilities will require a limited menu for larger groups. If that’s the case, please keep in mind that some members are vegetarians and plan a meal choice for them, too.
  • Be sure to call the event location BEFORE sending your invitation so be sure of availability and pricing.
  • Consider reconfirming with the facility several days prior to the event. When you contact the facility, provide them with updates on expected attendance and reconfirm the schedule for the day.
  • Any guest who is a "no show" twice for an event without notifying the host, will be removed from the email list. We take this seriously, as its only fair to the host and the location.

If traveling between two locations is required, prepare and copy directions to distribute to attendees. You may also want to include this information in the event confirmation you send prior to the program.

How do I promote the event to the NK members?

It’s simple! Evite will be used for all events. Create your invitation on evite, with details (description of the event, date, time, location, facility address and telephone number, estimated costs to participate and a website link for the facility) and invite, or email event details to Pam and I will create the invitation.  Pam will then add the entire current e-mail list to the invitation and send it out, leaving you as the host. Invitations will be sent out 4-5 weeks before each event (unless collecting money or an early deadline is necessary)  evite is preferred for "official" NK events since it is easier to track response and add new members. 

How does the event get listed on the RNK website?

Once your date is approved, preferably by 4-6 weeks before you event, contact with your event info and your event will be added to the calendar. A link to your e-mail will be provided on the website so members can contact you for more information.

Feel free to request help composing an evite, figuring out costs, to receive sample e-mail event postings by contacting 

What are the host's responsibilities the day of the event?
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early to be sure everything is set up as you asked and to greet your first guests
  • Consider nametags. This may or may not be appropriate based on the group size or the location.
  • Keep the group on schedule. Sometimes this can be tricky because we tend to be having so much fun, we lose track of time.
  • Separate checks are strongly recommended if your event includes a meal. From past experience it is difficult to ensure enough funds are collected to pay the bill in full, including tip. For some restaurants this is not a problem, others may refuse. A host is never to be personally responsible for any of the cost of an event! If we are short money, everyone will chip in to cover any shortage.
  • Thank people for coming!
Other things to consider:
  • Send a reminder a few days prior to the event, either to the list or individuals who responded; whichever is appropriate (You can set evite up to automatically do this.) An initial e-mail and a reminder (maybe two…depending on how far out the event was planned) are all that’s necessary when sending to the entire member list. The website will have the event posted until the event is over.
  • If appropriate, provide your contact information to confirmed attendees. Someone may be running late or have to cancel at the last minute.
  • Show everyone else what they missed!! Bring a camera. Pictures can be posted on the website by the NK Web Master

Can I plan an event to sell merchandise (jewelry, plastic containers, beads, etc.) or services (financial planning, estate planning, accounting, etc.) to No Kidding members?

While we appreciate your interest in reaching our members, we do not allow any event which would result in the sale of merchandise or services to our members. Our group is devoted solely to providing a social forum for the child-free.

Can I plan an event with just select people from the No Kidding! group?

  • Of course you are encouraged to plan outings with your No Kidding! friends that are not hosted chapter events.  We ask that out of common courtesy you choose a date that is not the same weekends as a hosted No Kidding! event.  Please use discretion on posting these events on facebook so as not to make people feel left out.